You might wonder how much it costs to power wash your home or have your roof cleaned. Although each job is different, I can provide some insights and examples that you may find useful.

When it comes to a standard “house wash” (soft washing the exterior siding of your home), the cost varies based on the size of the area to be cleaned, the complexity of the job, and the cleaning method to be used. For a standard-sized home, you can expect to pay anywhere from $350 to $650, but it could be more depending on the factors mentioned above.

As for roof cleaning, the cost depends on the type of roof you have and the condition it’s in. A standard asphalt shingle roof can cost anywhere from $450 to $750 to clean, while a larger or more complex roof can cost upwards of $1,000. Cedar shake and metal roofs generally cost more due to the specialized cleaning techniques required.

Of course, these are just estimates and prices vary. The best way to get an accurate quote is to contact us at 484-793-3554 to discuss your specific needs.

Pricing Examples

House Wash

House Wash

Full Exterior House Wash & Concrete

Full Exterior House Wash & Concrete

House Wash & Patio Restoration

Example pricing of a house in Northampton County PA

House Wash & Wood Deck

Example pricing of a commercial building in Northampton County PA

Commercial Building

Roof Soft Wash

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